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Owning a Ragdoll

Owning a Ragdoll Cat

Before committing yourself to owning a Ragdoll cat or kitten, please carefully consider what owning
an indoor cat may entail:

  • Ragdoll cats can make the most wonderful pets. They are family orientated, loving, friendly & playful; but like all cats they each have their own individual characters & purrsonalities & like you or I they can have their 'off' days. Whilst many are happy to flop & lay on their backs or on your lap others may not feel as relaxed to do this.
  • Ragdoll cats should never be allowed to free roam. They have a very trusting nature & do not have great outdoor skills. They are more likely to come to grief if allowed to wander. Being allowed to roam will put them at risk of contracting incurable & fatal diseases such as FIV (similar to HIV in humans) & FeLV (feline infectious leukemia virus), they are also more likely to pick up fleas & ticks! Not to mention the risk of being involved in a RTA (road traffic accident). Because of their sheer beauty & trusting nature they are also at risk of being stolen if left to free roam. It is very important to consider your window & door security especially in the summer months. Ragdolls can escape through open windows & can & do climb walls & fences. If you wish to allow your Ragdoll access to your garden then making it safe & secure is essential. Never leave your Ragdoll unattended in your garden. My Ragdoll cats & kittens are only available to the most loving, permanent indoor homes only.
  • Ragdoll cats do crave company. When considering homing a Ragdoll but your house is empty for several hours of the day & you have no other pets, it is worth remembering that a single cat will be an unhappy cat. Two cats together are better than one especially if they have been used to company. The Ragdoll-Rescue, UKRCC & the Ragdoll-Rehome Group rehome so many Ragdolls who exhibit stress behaviours simply because they are so lonely. I will not sell any kittens where they will be home alone for long periods.
  • You will need litter trays that will require daily cleaning, your puss may be put off using a soiled tray, they can be quite fussy!! Litter trays should be cleaned using a safe non-phenol disinfectant. A general rule is to avoid disinfectants that go cloudy in the water as they are poisonous to cats!!! Your puss can sometimes develop inappropriate toileting habits, resulting in toileting outside the litter tray. This can be due to not wanting to use a dirty tray or can be due to a health problem such as a urinary tract infection (UTI) or a sensitive stomach, or it may be brought about by stress. Also be aware that your puss may decide to use the tray just as you are about to entertain guests!!!
  • You will need a good vacuum cleaner & fluff remover as the Ragdoll coat does shed so be aware of the extra housework, the brushing of furniture, beds & clothes. You may never be able to wear black again!!!
  • Most Ragdoll coats tend not to matt (though there are some that do). They do require regular grooming to limit excess fur loss on your furniture, furballs, to limit matt's & to also keep their coat in a good condition. Grooming can also be a special bonding time for you & your Raggie.
  • You will also need a good quality sturdy scratching post (or two) & plenty of toys to keep your Raggie entertained. Remember that your kitten will grow & so it is advisable to purchase a tall scratching post to allow him to stretch. Indoor cats will need to keep their claws in good condition & not having access to appropriate scratching posts will result in your cat scratching carpets & furniture. Please be aware of floor to ceiling scratching posts when you have a kitten as jumping/falling from a great height could result in injuries!!! I would also be aware of small toys especially when you have a playful kitten running around, as with children, toys are put into the mouth and run the risk of being swallowed.
  • Your Ragdoll cat may live to a good old age & over this time the annual cost of feeding & caring for them will far outweigh the initial cost of buying a kitten. The cost of veterinary fees should be taken into consideration before you purchase your kitten. Your cat will require annual boosters, monthly flea/worming treatment, vet checks & you will also need to include the cost of annual insurance. (It is strongly advisable to continue the kitten insurance you are given free when you purchase your kitten especially in the first 12 months of the kittens life as this is when your kitten is at it's most inquisitive & is more likely to pay a visit to the vet). Ragdolls will need lifelong personal & financial commitments from their owners...................
So please, carefully consider whether owning a Ragdoll Cat
is right for you & your circumstances
before deciding to own one.

One last word of warning, Ragdolls are VERY addictive & you may soon find that you will be
owned by not just one or two, but three or four or five or ............ like me!!!!

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