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Rehoming an Older Ragdoll

Instead of a Ragdoll kitten have you considered homing an older or a needy Ragdoll?


Due to no fault of their own an older Ragdoll may find him/herself in a Ragdoll Rescue Centre or in Ragdoll foster care.

Some reasons why a Ragdoll may find themselves in such a situation could be that they simply do not get on with other pets within the family (or visa versa) or that there has been a family break up, the family may have emigrated or may be the owner has passed away! It is unfortunate that sometimes peoples circumstances change!

Some breeders may offer an ex breeding Ragdoll up for adoption........... and this decision may not be an easy one for the breeder concerned but in the interest of the Ragdoll and the progression of breeding programmes and the Ragdoll gene pool it is sometimes necessary to re-home an ex breeding cat.

For whatever the reasons may be for re-homing a Ragdoll it must be considered that the cat may have endured stress and so only a very loving, understanding and patient home will be suitable.

If you feel that you could offer an older and needy Ragdoll a loving, understanding and patient indoor home then please contact Dawn for the Ragdoll-Rescue or Anne for The British Ragdoll Cat Club Rehome.

Before contacting any of the above please read what owning a Ragdoll cat entails.

Thank you.


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