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The Boys



'Champion' Filensio Southern Comfort(66w) carries dilute
DOB: 26-01-08
Sire: Dreamcats Valentino (66)
Dam: Filensio English Rose (66w)

Teddy is my very handsome seal mitted boy. He is absolutely adorable, a proper cuddly teddy bear.
He is so loving & loves to be picked up for a cuddle. I am sure his bones are made of rubber
as he just flops at the drop of a hat. Teddy is a mummy's boy and as soon as he
hears my voice he calls to me & won't stop until he has been picked up & cuddled!
Teddy absolutely loves the girls & flirts with them all of the time, he does it to get free washes
& cuddles from them! The girls don't complain either as they all love this handsome young man.

Teddy has very good boning, he is a wonderful 'type' Ragdoll with a beautiful profile that is of medium
length with a gentle dip & has a slight retrousee tip. Teddy has a good strong muzzle & full cheeks which are still
developing. He has a good level bite to his chin, he has a good broad head with a flat plane, he has good width
between the ears which are of medium size & with a slight forward tilt. He has the most beautiful loving eyes that
are large, slightly oblique & set well apart, and are a beautiful deep blue in colour.
Teddy is a long muscular boy with a short neck & broad chest. He has well marked large mitted paws that
are constantly massaging his blankets. He has very good length to his tail that is very well furnished
& tapers to the tip. Teddy has a beautiful silky dense coat that is medium in length. In the winter
months Teddy has a beautiful thick ruff framing his scrummy face & fluffy knickerbockers
to keep him warm. He is a truly handsome boy & I am sure he will be absolutely stunning
when he fully matures.
I am truly smitten with the seal mitted Raggies & was so pleased when Helen
agreed that Teddy could come to live with us. We simply love him to bits!!!

Many thanks to Helen (Filensio Ragdolls) for entrusting us & allowing this scrummy
teddy bear to join our family.

Teddy 08-10-08

Teddy is at closed private stud
and will be retiring very soon.

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Happytyme Secret Liaison - Leo

Happytyme Secret Liaison (66a)
DOB: 17-05-09
Sire: Happytyme Jeremycuddleduk (66)
Dam: Happytyme Shahdiva-bt (66a)

Well what can I say about my handsome boy 'Leo'???
Leo is a beautiful blue colourpointed Ragdoll.
  He is 5 generations of Happytyme breeding and has some beautiful
Traditional and English lines within his pedigree.

From the very moment I saw Leo I was smitten, with his piercing blue eyes, his beautiful soft
and luscious coat, his huge bear like paws but most of all his wonderful temperament!
Leo is an extremely loving cat. He absolutely loves to nuzzle you and constantly rubs
his face into your neck giving you the sweetest of kisses.

I feel I am so blessed with my boys. Teddy is so loving, so laid back, a proper mummy's boy
that I never thought I would get in another boy but Leo is just the same. As soon as you walk into
the run they both flop and roll around the floor just asking for cuddles.
They both live together and get on really great with each other.

As Leo is still a young boy he is very playful and very inquisitive, he has to know what you are
doing ALL of the time and of course he HAS to join in. Grooming time and cleaning out the runs
is of course another playtime for Leo.
Many thanks to my dear friend Louise (Happytyme Ragdolls) for entrusting me
& allowing me to have yet another of her beautiful Happytyme Ragdolls.

Leo - Happytyme Secret Liaison

Leo is at closed, private stud.

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